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Class of 2016 Senior Models wanted!

Wow its already been a year and time for our new senior models. It was hard to say goodbye to the last ones and we are so excited to watch them go onto college. We are now looking this year’s Class of 2016 Faces Senior Models.

We would like to welcome you to apply for the Senior Model 2015-2016 program. Applications will be accepted up until October 21, 2016 at midnight.

Faces Photography is looking for senior models from local area high schools to represent the class of 2016. Our models will take part in several photo shoots and parties, employee discounts on photography and products, and the opportunity to earn cash from referrals! Click here to apply.

2015 Faces Senior Models Wanted

The 2015 School year is in full effect and we are wanting to start it off right! Last year our senior reps did such an amazing job, how could we not bring it back for the 2015 year even better than before.  Here is a little video showing how much fun our 2014 Senior Rep group was.


We would like to thank all of Last year’s Senior Reps. It was our first year and we couldn’t have had better reps. We would like to announce that we have changed the program a little and are now accepting applications to our 2015 Senior MODELS program. “Reps” sounds so informal and boring so we change it to “models” because its much more fun and exciting right?

For those of you who don’t know what our Senior Model Program entails. Let us explain:

It is a fun exciting way to get FREE photos, meet new people and show off to everyone your personality and photos of your senior year. Basically we take your pictures and anybody that comes to Faces Photography to get their senior photos and mentions that you referred them — you get free stuff! Pretty easy eh? You are not required to purchase anything at all. Actually we don’t want you to… we want you to get it all for FREE! And share it with your friends and family. Some of the prizes you win will be: a personalized photo phone case, Senior Graduation Announcements, A Senior Model Hoodie Pullover, 24×36 Gallery Wrap image and SOOOOO much more. Are you interested yet? Go now! What are you waiting for? It will only take a few minutes.

Applications will be due by Midnight November 9, 2015. And we will be selecting our next 2015 Senior Models. Good luck to all.