Archive: September, 2010

Michael & Jessica Horrocks

Jessica and I have been friends ever since high school. And now I traded her in for Michael…

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he is the perfect person for her. I was so excited to meet him and can’t wait for their wedding day.

Scott & Kim Uribe

Well to explain Kim and Scott in HER words exactly. They are the “most awkward couple you’ll ever meet”. This was how visit this website she described them with a precursor warning to our photo shoot. She couldn’t have been more wrong. Scott brough his A game to the photo shoot and we killed it. To the point that they will probably end up with a photo or two on our website. It was fun and relaxing not awkward at all. And the had WAY too much fun with the funny faces at the end.. almost to the point I almost convinced them to use on for their actual engagement photo. (But I lost… Kim’s mom didn’t think it was as cool as I did HAHA)