Archive: February, 2010

Michelle & Todd Jaramillo Engagement Teasers

YAY for weddings! I met Todd’s brother taking photos for a business card. And when Todd and Michelle got engaged he mentioned how much fun Faces was so they came up. I knew when I met them that we were a perfect match. They had such a fun style and very energetic. When deciding locations for the engagements they told me to pick… which means FUN TIMES! So we went downtown and picked all new spots. So much fun… especially the homeless guy in the dumpster. (Too bad I wasn’t quick enough to snap a photo of him before he ran off.)

Yes… in case you didn’t notice these are their funny “Faces”… I never want to post the couple’s engagement photos before the wedding and ruin the fun surprise so I am going to start doing this. That way you get to see the funny side of all my awesome weddings! Get excited for the real engagements!

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Boxes and Albums!

I have been talking about the new album boxes! Well they are here! Get excited… gird up your loins and come and get them.  Here is the first black stained box and boy oh boy does it look super swell. Ashley and Brad are the proud new owners along with their album. CONGRATS guys! Take a look and tell us what you think! Stop on in and see them in person because we know you’ll want one.

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